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Off the Beaten Path: Exploring the hidden alleyways around West Shenzhen

There’s nothing better than wandering the streets of a foreign city and accidentally stumbling across a hidden alleyway! For many travellers, these little side-streets are a way to really get in touch with the local culture, away from the tourist-filled hotspots. And for those of us who are paparazzos; they’re often the best spots for street photos, authentic food experiences, and the best way to get close to the villagers of modern Shenzhen!

Metro Lines 6 and 10 were officially put into use on 18th August 2020, bringing the total length of the city’s operational underground network to 383 kilometres. It increased the number of in-service Metro lines in Shenzhen to 10. Line 6 runs 49.4 kilometres and has 27 stations between Science Museum Station in Futian District and Songgang Station in Baoan District. A whole trip, which passes through Futian, Luohu, Longhua, Guangming and Bao’an districts, takes 66 minutes. It is the first Metro line that goes through Guangming District, shortening the trip from there to downtown Futian to 30 minutes. It is nicknamed as "The Pigeon Line" because of the pigeon barbecue being well known in Guang Ming area.

From the South China Photographers group, a couple of my mates cast their eyes far and wide to come up with some spots to visit on two consecutive weekends. So decided to visit Guantian and Science Park on the first weekend and head out to He Shui Kou on the other. From here onwards I am going to be a visual storyteller and let you explore the places through our photos.

PC: @ronaldphotography @whatiseewalking @bubblymary @jydsmits @lorycao @hxxii37 @redflower_se1 @frantabina If this wasn't enough, here is a video clip of the photo walk.

As Shenzhen’s rise as a technology hub begins to take off, what will Guangming become? Will it retain any of its old characters? It seems unlikely. That is not the Shenzhen way. There is no room for nostalgia in this fast-growing city, where modern progress is not just a mantra, but an identity and a way of life.

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